The next generation

of structured note


Bespoke, principal-hedged crypto structured investment products for traditional financial institutions and their accredited clients

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Institutional partners & liquidity providers

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Portfolios for buy-and-hold

Liquidation risk? No problem.

Our notes define a payout structures up front. Know the boundaries across your overall portfolio at all times.

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Quantitatively risk-managed

Principal Hedged

Our notes accomplish principal-hedging through the use of quantitative derivatives strategies. This allows us to define a payout structure upfront.

"Structured products uniquely allow investors to strike a balance between risk and reward. By tailoring solutions to specific market views and risk appetites, we empower our clients to navigate market uncertainties with confidence."

Guanzhi Ma, CFA – CEO
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Customized to your mandate

Bespoke Investments

All our notes are structured one-off for each individual and their mandates in a matter of seconds.

Any size:
From $10k to $100k, up to $1M (coming soon)
Any asset:
BTC & ETH, even equities (coming soon)
Any strategy:
Bullish, bearish, sideways, volatility
Any period:
From weeks to a year, and even longer

"We're advancing structured notes distribution using the robust, cutting-edge technology you'd find at big-tech."

Tony Qian, Ex-AWS – CTO
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Backed by the best

Our global venture investors include protocols and leading funds

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