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of digital asset


Technology platform offering highly-customizable & compliant crypto structured investment products to traditional financial institutions and their high-net-worth clients.


Liquidity providers & venues


Quantitatively hedged

Products created by Fig's models & algorithms are engineered to hedge 100% of principal invested by default. Whether asset prices go up, down, or sideways - products return principal invested back, at a minimum. Underlying instruments are published for verification.

Our platform is optimized for buy it and forget it - you don't have to actively manage positions or worry about rebalancing.


Tailored, just for you

Whether your market outlook is bullish, bearish, or sideways, Fig's structuring engine tailors the investment strategy based on your view. In addition to market direction, you can further customize time horizon and specific price targets.

Products are built at lightning speeds and real time - so you can compare the risk and return of your strategy instantly.

Backed by the best

Our global investors including angels, protocols and leading funds

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